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Cabinet Shop News – In today’s highly competitive cabinet industry, diversification has become the name of the game. No longer can a cabinet shop survive by just making cabinets. This precept, in conjunction with trends in materials, design and equipment are the foundation of this content rich newsletter. Our team of bloggers shares the formulas that have led them to 50+ years of success. Whether you focus on commercial or residential, every issue of CSN focuses on your business, the cabinet business. Published 12 times annually. Sign up for a FREE subscription to Cabinet Shop News.

Countertop News – The business of countertops is much more far reaching then one would expect. Keeping up with a myriad of design possibilities in dozens of surfaces is a challenge for even the most experienced professionals … especially in an industry where everything old is new again. CTN helps you keep up with the latest countertop trends in stone, wood, solid surface, laminate and “alternative materials.” Also keep abreast of innovations in tools, technologies and techniques for fabrication and installation. Learn how to increase sales, maximize profits and run your business better. Published 10 times annually. Sign up for a FREE subscription to Countertop News.

The Finishing Line – IIn baseball, “it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” In professional woodworking, “it isn’t finished until it’s finished.” TFL is the only newsletter completely dedicated to the professional wood finisher. Our team of industry professionals provides in-depth information on color and color matching, surface preparation and sanding, coatings and coating application. TFL also helps you stay current on the latest environmental regulations and legislation before they have an impact on your business. Published 12 times annually. Sign up for a FREE subscription to Finishing Line.

Green Matters – Today “Green” is on the tip of every business’s tongue. However, few companies truly understand the difference between true sustainability and greenwashing. In every issue of GM you will learn new ways to save money while protecting the environment by recycling waste materials in your shop, as well as using recycled materials made of wood, stone and glass. Read about latest energy efficient tools as soon as they’re available. Industry expert and founder of the Certified Green Dealer Program, John D. Wagner, helps you avoid the pitfalls on the road to compliance in each and every issue. Published 4 times annually in cooperation with AWI. Sign up for a FREE subscription to Green Matters.

Strategic Business News – Regardless of your profession, if you own a business you need to understand business. Backroom processes and strategies like accounting, marketing/promotion, LEAN manufacturing, computerization and software are as much a part of your company as designing, building, finishing and installing the products your company sells. The bloggers in SBN provide you with all the information you need to run a successful business. Also, discover the latest trends in new revenue streams that add to your bottom line. Sign up for a FREE subscription to Strategic Business News. Published 12 times annually.
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