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I've Been Waiting a Long, Long Time for This!!

8/8/2014 4:00:00 PM
Article by Pat Windmeier

I can't tell you how many years I have been waiting for something like this to happen; it may have been as long as 10 to 12 years. I imagined it happened something along these lines. An engineer was walking along one of those long corridors, buried in thought about how to solve the current problem rattling around in his or her brain, and while not paying attention ended up in the wrong area. The way wrong area; as in entirely wrong division; as in totally lost with almost no hope of ever getting back to the right place. I'm sure somebody said, "You're a long way from home Dorothy," and said lost engineer felt he or she was stuck in an episode of the Twilight Zone. If you don't know about the TV show the Twilight Zone, Google it. It's a very cool, old school TV show.

In my vision of how this happened, I also see the lost engineer trapped with a bunch of chemical engineers, and that's when the fun really begins. Not sure if this is true or not, but I am wondering if chemical engineers and electrical engineers are like plumbers and electricians. They don’t like the thought of doing one another’s jobs. And sometimes they don't even like each other. But all speculation aside, when I saw this I thought finally, technology has collided with a counter top material.

I have asked the higher ups, the big wigs, the decision makers of some of the largest manufactures of solid surface materials how come the divisions within your company don't collaborate to come up with a game changer. I, personally, never liked the answer I got, but I can understand it. The answer I got was always, "We don't mix divisions together." That is why I imagined it happened like I wrote about above.

Well, enough of my bad visions, it's time to let the cat out of the bag. LG has come up with a way to make their product, LG Hi Macs, charge your cell phone. Very simple, very cool and welcome to the beginning of technology collides with counter top materials.

Picture a new desk in your kitchen that charges all your cell phones just by putting the phone on it, or the home office, or an over-the-top custom made piece of furniture out of LG Hi Macs that you put your phone on as you walk thru the door of your house and it charges it. The possibilities are endless, and I am truly excited about this. I can imagine a few of you laughing at me, and rightly so, because this is not new technology; the ability put your cell phones on a pad and then charge them has been around for a while. BUT, but, but, what I am really excited about, did I mention the word but… is that finally, a large scale company that manufactures multiple products let the engineers loose to work with each other to come up with the first game changer in the countertop industry.

So, now the race is on for one up-man ship. Who will be the next large manufacture of multiple products to take it a step further? Will we see materials that look like counter tops, but are actually televisions, will it be a counter top material that senses produce on it and chills itself down the keep the produce fresher. Or will it heat up to keep meals warm? If we can use it to keep something warm, can we use it for a bathroom floor so we have heated floors only were you step? Will I have a counter that has a hidden keyboard imbedded in it?

To me this is the very beginning of technology colliding with the countertop industry and the simple act of putting a wireless charging device in solid surface material is the first step in an exciting race. Now back to badgering them about cross sales promotions. Think about it purchase 50 square feet of LG Hi Macs and receive 10% off your next electronic purchase, or appliance purchase… If we can only get a marketing person lost… Here is the link to LGs product, ENJOY!!

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