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Goodbye 2013 HELLO 2014!!

3/7/2014 2:14:20 PM
Article by Pat Windmeier

I have to admit this month’s blog is going be nothing but a big TEASER for you. And here is why, I have several meetings, phone calls, and lots of “Show me what’s new in your product line” things set up for the next several months. One thing I can tell you is that many of the major manufactures are done riding the financial storm out and are reinvesting in their product lines.

So, what does that mean for you the consumer, it means new things for the countertop market, new colors, cutting-edge technology, and new materials to use. It means that I have to spend some time getting reeducated on what’s new and exciting to use for countertops.

Truthfully, many of us that are in the countertop industry are excited and looking forward to see what the manufactures have come up with this year. It has been a long dry spell since something new, cutting-edge and over the top WOW has hit the countertop market. One manufacture has alluded to a new technology that they have added to their quartz manufacturing process, that makes their quartz products look like granite.

I also know that several manufactures of solid surface materials are adding new looks and colors to their lines. There is a rumor floating around that a major change in solid surface materials is about to come to market. I am working hard to get the 411 on this. I am pretty confident that patents are applied for and have been awarded. So, I am going to be putting a lot of pressure on them to let the cat out of the bag about what it is they have been working on.

With that I say bring on 2014 and some new products, some innovation, and some excitement!! Let’s shake off the dust of the recession we have all been going thru and get excited about the great surprises 2014 has for us.

I do want to leave you with what I would consider to be an important message. If you have been hesitating to pull that trigger on a remodeling project, I urge you to do it soon. Here is why (and I have said this before) many of us that have weathered the storm of the recession lowered our prices to rock bottom margins. We did this to keep our employees working and our companies alive. But as the economy starts to heat back up (and it is), we will be raising our prices to adjust for inflation, give badly needed raises to loyal employees, and make better margins again. So, those great deals with those incredibly reputable companies are going to get hard to find.

So, let’s bring on 2014 and leave 2013 in the rear view mirror as we race towards exciting changes, innovation and wonderful new things for our industry.

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